100% Renewable District Heating Leibnitz awarded



Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger and klimaaktiv QM Heizwerke award heating plants and local heating projects for high efficiency and quality

“In Leibnitz, an innovative and forward-looking local heating project has been generated by means of the merger of several networks, the cooperation of several companies and the inclusion of waste heat utilisation, making the large-scale district heating supply of Leibnitz a reality.”

During the biomass conference in Graz on 23 January, Elisabeth Köstinger, Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, and klimaaktiv QM Heizwerke presented awards to six Austrian biomass heating plants and local heating projects. The showcase projects meet the highest technical and economic efficiency criteria and were awarded for the use of renewable energy sources, their coherent overall concepts and the special commitment of the plant operators.

“For a rapid and successful phase-out of fossil fuels, it is important to use renewable energy sources efficiently. The award-winning projects show how biomass heating plants and local heating projects can be operated successfully. They contribute significantly to a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply and increase regional added value,” said Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, congratulating the award winners and emphasising the importance of biomass for a sustainable energy and heat supply.

Award-winning plants

  • Regionalwärme Krumpendorf, BC Regionalwärme Krumpendorf GmbH (K)
  • Bioenergie Bucklige Welt, Bioenergie Bucklige Welt GmbH (Lower Austria)
  • Biomass heating plant Hart bei Graz, Wärme und mehr GmbH (ST)
  • 100% Renewable District Heating Leibnitz, Nahwärme Tillmitsch GmbH u. Co KG and Bioenergie Leibnitzerfeld GmbH (ST)
  • Ortswärme St. Johann in Tirol, ORTSWÄRME St. Johann in Tirol GmbH (T)
  • Biomass heating plant Lech, Biomasseheizwerk Lech GmbH & CO KG (V)

For more information, see also https://www.klimaaktiv.at/erneuerbare/effiziente_heizwerke/Auszeichnung2020.html