Wastewater heat pump successfully implemented in Gleisdorf



The sector coupling concept of the waste water treatment plant with district heating was developed within the framework of the demonstrator in Gleisdorf and has now been finally implemented by the partners involved (Stadtwerke Gleisdorf and Abwasserverband Gleisdorfer Becken) at the site of the local waste water treatment plant. In the process, the waste heat is utilized from the purified wastewater by means of heat exchanger and heat pump solutions and fed into the local district heating network. Furthermore, the biogas produced in the digestion tower of the waste water treatment plant is made available for the district heating supply by means of a biogas burner.

Press release (in German): https://www.gleisdorf.at/abwasser-waermepumpe-ergaenzt-fernwaermeversorgung-der-stadtwerke-gleisdorf_7125_188.htm