Bidirectional transfer station and innovative control system in operation



Fossil gas is replaced by biomass and waste heat

The regional district heating operators Nahwärme Tillmitsch, Bioenergie Leibnitzerfeld and Biowärme Holler are pursuing a common goal with the City of Leibnitz – a 100% renewable heat supply for the people of Leibnitz. In order to achieve these goals, a number of measures are being implemented to increase the flexibility of the district heating network. The central element is the connection of the heating networks of Nahwärme Tillmitsch and Bioenergie Leibnitzerfeld.

The possibility of exchanging heat between the networks ensures an efficient and resource-saving supply. In the ThermaFLEX research project, a smart control concept was developed for this purpose, which optimises the use of all heat generators in the network in such a way that a maximum environmental effect is achieved. A bidirectional heat transfer station with a transmission capacity of 4 megawatts was built to enable the cross-grid heat exchange.

The detailed article including pictures from the project partner Green Tech Cluster can be found here.