Cascading heat use realized in Gleisdorf



Due to the increasingly high thermal quality of buildings, especially new buildings, they can increasingly be equipped with low-temperature heat output systems. This significantly reduces the need for high flow temperatures to cover the heating demand, with the exception of hot water preparation. For buildings connected to a district heating system, this means that the usually high flow temperatures of the network have to be regulated down on site. This in turn leads to higher return temperatures and thus significant efficiency losses of the district heating network. As part of the measures in the Gleisdorf demonstrator, an innovative district heating supply system was installed that counteracts these efficiency losses and makes it possible to cover the heating demand of a multi-family residential building primarily through the return flow of the district heating, thus reducing the losses and increasing the economic efficiency of the network operation.

Josef Schröttner (Stadtwerke Gleisdorf) and Harald Schrammel (AEE-INTEC) present the project in detail in this VIDEO.