Wastewater heat pump successfully implemented in Gleisdorf


The sector coupling concept of the waste water treatment plant with district heating was developed within the framework of the demonstrator in Gleisdorf and has now been finally implemented by the partners involved (Stadtwerke Gleisdorf and Abwasserverband Gleisdorfer Becken) at the site of the local waste water treatment plant. In the process, the waste heat […]

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Performance of membrane distillation for ammonia recovery results published


Our article on long-term performance of membrane distillation for ammonia recovery from centrate water is finally available in the Journal of Membrane Science! This has been great work in the past 2 years to proof robust 24h operation in a container set-up at the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Gleisdorf. Many thanks indeed to our […]

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Annual Event “Vorzeigeregion Energie”


This year, the annual event of the showcase region Energy in Salzburg of the Climate and Energy Fund in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation & Technology focused on innovators for the energy transition. In this context, Anna Gantner from Wien Energie GmbH presented the ThermaFLEX Demonstrator Therme Wien […]

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Final event in Vienna


Great and exciting conclusion of our lead project in the new Climate Lab in Vienna-Spittelau. The district heating network of tomorrow was already tested today with ThermaFLEX. The large-scale research project demonstrated with concrete solutions how the existing heat pipe infrastructure can be efficiently used and expanded. By integrating local renewable energy sources into the […]

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Energy Innovation Austria


In the 3/2022 issue of energy innovation austria from the Climate & Energy Fund and Climate ministry, the lead project ThermaFLEX and the demonstrators in Saalfelden and Therme Wien are presented. You can read and download the issue here: https://www.energy-innovation-austria.at/issue/eia-2022-03-en/?lang=en

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Energy innovation from Austria


In the September newsletter of the Climate Fund with the focus on “Industrial Energy Technologies and Systems”, biorefining was also highlighted. Content from ThermaFLEX was included in the article. You can read the Newsletter (in German) here: https://energieforschung.at/newsletter/effiziente-bioraffinerien/

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International Conference “Smart Energy Systems”


On 13.09 and 14.09.2022, the international conference “Smart Energy Systems” took place in Aalborg. Our lead project was also strongly represented in Denmark. Ingo Leusbrock from AEE INTEC showed in his session keynote entitled “How to combine district heating and waste water treatment plants? A demonstration example from Gleisdorf, Austria”, he used the demo in […]

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APA-Science visits demo spa Vienna


Children splash happily in the water, diligently practise with water wings and race down the slides, while parents enjoy the pleasantly warm whirlpools to relax. None of the visitors to Therme Wien has any idea what is going on a few metres below them: the waste water is not wasted but reused to generate district […]

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New Project Roll-Up


The project roll-up has been updated and contains all relevant project information and gives all interested parties a compact overview of the lead project.   The roll-up can be downloaded here.

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Webinar “Heat grids in transition” successfully held


Achieving medium- and long-term climate targets is a major challenge in which flexible and sustainable grid-connected heat systems will be a key element. Thus, to increase the share of renewable heat generation, sustainable heat sources – if possible of local/regional origin – need to be integrated and new technical concepts for them need to be […]

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