New Project Roll-Up


The project roll-up has been updated and contains all relevant project information and gives all interested parties a compact overview of the lead project.   The roll-up can be downloaded here.

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Webinar “Heat grids in transition” successfully held


Achieving medium- and long-term climate targets is a major challenge in which flexible and sustainable grid-connected heat systems will be a key element. Thus, to increase the share of renewable heat generation, sustainable heat sources – if possible of local/regional origin – need to be integrated and new technical concepts for them need to be […]

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ThermaFLEX as a focus in the magazine nachhaltigen Technologie 2|2022


Not only the effects of climate change, but also the current geopolitical and energy policy developments raise the awareness that the phase-out of the fossil dependencies with regard to our energy consumption is essential. The heating sector, with around 65 percent fossil supply, is heavily affected and faces enormous challenges in terms of the necessary […]

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Gleisdorf concept for sector coupling in the ORF


There have already been several reports about our sector coupling concept of district heating with the sewage treatment plant in the city of Gleisdorf. The Styrian ORF is also reporting on it under the current focus “Mother Earth”. The concept was developed as part of the large-scale research association #ThermaFLEX led by AEE INTEC under the […]

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Virtual Tour of flagship project ThermaFLEX


The heat transition and decarbonization at the sites of our ThermaFLEX demonstrators are progressing rapidly. In addition to the technical development and integration of the corresponding flexibility elements and solutions, the project also emphasis on transparent communication with customers, end-users and the public. This was particularly important to establish long-term sustainable cooperation and understanding, which […]

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Workshop in the field “Energy from wastewater”


AEE INTEC, in cooperation with Rabmer Greentech GmbH, held a free workshop on the topic of “Wastewater as an energy source” on 18 May 2022 at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as part of the ThermaFLEX research project. Under the title “Wastewater and wastewater treatment plants as future renewable energy sources for the decarbonisation of […]

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Vienna thermal water will be used twice in future


After being used internally, the thermal water of Therme Wien now heats a district in Vienna with climate-neutral district heating. The concept for local waste heat utilisation developed in the ThermaFLEX lead project goes into operation. As part of the ThermaFLEX project, AEE INTEC is working with 27 project partners on the question of how […]

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Scientific paper of control concept for “100% Renewable District Heating Leibnitz” published


Smart control of interconnected district heating networks on the example of “100% Renewable District Heating Leibnitz” The ThermaFLEX group has written and published an article for ScienceDirect about the demonstrator of Leibnitz (“100% Renewable District Heating Leibnitz”). The authors from AEE INTEC (Jakob Binder, Joachim Kelz and Ingo Leusbrock) collaborated with the partners BEST GmbH […]

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ThermaFLEX Workshop at ISEC


At ISEC 2022 you meet more than 300 participants from 40 countries, you listen to 7 keynote speakers and 80 high-level oral presentations, you see 100 poster presentations and you choose from 4 workshops. You will find all information about ISEC 2022 on the conference website (here). One of the workshops is titled “More flexibility […]

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Sector coupling from district heating with the waste water treatment plant


Presentation and public introduction of the concept for sector coupling of district heating with the sewage treatment plant. Stadtwerke Gleisdorf, in cooperation with the Gleisdorf Wastewater Association, is building a district heating plant at the wastewater association’s site. Unused heat will be extracted from the treated wastewater and fed into the district heating network of […]

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