Waste heat utilisation spa Vienna

Project tasks and goals The utilisation of waste heat from different sources represents an important building block for the decarbonisation of heating networks. The main objective is to use the energy stored in the thermal water after it has been used internally by Therme Wien. The recovered waste heat will be fed into an existing […] more

Retrofit and heat pump integration Saalfelden

To increase the share of renewable energy in the Saalfelden district heating network, work is currently underway on a comprehensive modernisation of the Saalfelden heating plant. The modernisation is planned in two expansion stages. The main components of expansion stage 1 to increase the efficiency of the existing biomass boiler are: Adaptations to the existing […] more

Renewable heating and cooling from Wastewater / Vienna

    Use of waste heat from wastewater for heating and cooling of the new headquarters of Wien Kanal in Wien-Blumental. The following research questions are answered by ThermaFLEX: Concept for smart use of renewable energy from municipal wastewater. Heating 215 kW (max. 450 kW) of heat pump Cooling 400 kW (max. 500 kW) to […] more

Large scale solar intergration Mürzzuschlag

Project tasks and objectives Demonstration and proof of concept of a large solar thermal plant in combination with storage tanks for the heating network of Mürzzuschlag. Objectives: Decarbonisation of the energy supply and reduction of dependence on energy imports. Use of storage and intelligent control systems for load management.  Expected results Integration of a large-scale […] more

Vienna Waste Heat Recovery from Sewage Heat

Waste heat recovery from waste water In order to increase the share of renewable energy production in existing district heating systems (DH systems), alternative heat sources must be integrated and new technical concepts developed (Lund, H., (2014)). Especially for low-temperature systems and urban development areas, the decentralised use of the heat energy contained in waste […] more

Salzburg Absorption Heat Pump

Highlights and innovative elements: Demonstrating the usability of absorption heat pumps on an industrial scale Demonstrating different operation strategies of absorption heat pumps on an industrial scale based on energy tariffs, heat demand, available heat source etc. Optimisation (technically and economically) of an existing DH line in combination with optimized client integration, additional waste heat […] more

Vienna High Temperature Heat Pump Spittelau

In this project it is planned to use the waste heat from the flue gas condensation of the waste incineration plant in the Spittelau in Vienna as a source for a heat pump and to make a direct feed into the primary district heating network of the City of Vienna possible by incorporating the findings […] more

Energy Island Weiz

Highlights and innovative elements: District of Weiz-Nord (approx. 10 hectares) consisting of public buildings, small industry and residential buildings is goingto be (re-)developed in the following years (>2020). Vision to create an “Energy Island”, which provides 100% renewable energy sources to supply buildings for heating, cooling and electricity over the year as part of a […] more

Big Solar Salzburg

Proof and verification of the feasibility of a large solar thermal plant in combination with a seasonal storage facility for the DH-System Salzburg with the aim of decarbonizing the energy supply mix and reducing the dependence on energy imports; use of a seasonal storage facility for the integration of further heat sources such as waste […] more

Virtual heating plant Gleisdorf

Stadtwerke Gleisdorf GmbH and Abwasserverband Gleisdorfer Becken are regional supply and disposal utilities with a sense of responsibility, innovative ideas and a vision for the future. Both companies have great ambitions to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their systems and to use renewable and locally available energy sources to ensure a regional, environmentally friendly […] more