Energy Island Weiz



Coordination and Contact: Joachim Kelz (AEE INTEC)

T: +43 3112 5886 236

Highlights and innovative elements:

  • District of Weiz-Nord (approx. 10 hectares) consisting of public buildings, small industry and residential buildings is goingto be (re-)developed in the following years (>2020).
  • Vision to create an “Energy Island”, which provides 100% renewable energy sources to supply buildings for heating, cooling and electricity over the year as part of a larger urban re-development concept, new district Weiz-Nord
    • low-temperature / low-exergy DH and eventually district cooling concept
    • Options for heat / cold supply are local, building-based sources such as solar thermal and PV + heat pump as well as industrial waste heat from a nearby factory exists
    • Similar ambitions exist for electricity supply and mobility
  • Development of roadmaps based on inter-sectoral planning for transformations of city districts.
    • long-term refurbishment of existing buildings and integration of newly built buildings
    • Concepts for implementation of low-exergy DH and cooling concepts including central / decentral storage options as well as combinations with the electricity supply and e-mobility
    • Integration of local renewable energy sources for city quarters with high degree of self-sufficiency
Key data:
Objective Demonstration of a low-temperature/low-exergy DH system in combination with district cooling concept and refurbishment of the Weiz district.
Investment cost k. A.
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