Retrofit and heat pump integration Saalfelden


Modernisation & heat pump integration in the Saalfelden heating plant


Salzburg AG

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DI Thomas Herbst

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To increase the share of renewable energy in the Saalfelden district heating network, work is currently underway on a comprehensive modernisation of the Saalfelden heating plant. The modernisation is planned in two expansion stages. The main components of expansion stage 1 to increase the efficiency of the existing biomass boiler are:

  • Adaptations to the existing biomass firing system including an increase in the performance of the flue gas condensation and improved flue gas cleaning
  • Construction of a buffer storage tank (150 m³)
  • Renewal of the control technology/control system
  • Renewal of the thermohydraulics

In expansion stage 2, the energy efficiency of the plant is to be further increased by implementing an innovative heat pump concept. By using a heat pump, the heat recovery from the flue gas can be significantly increased again.

Parallel to the two expansion stages of the modernisation, work is being done on optimising and expanding the district heating network.

Key data:
Objective Modernisation & heat pump integration in the Saalfelden heating plant
Investment cost Expansion stage 1: approx. 2.5 m EUR; - Expansion stage 2: 0.3 - 0.5 m EUR (depending on the final system configuration)
Duration 2018-2022
  • FH Joanneum
  • TU Graz - Institute for Thermal Engineering
  • BEST
  • and topic-related further partners from the consortium