Salzburg Absorption Heat Pump



Salzburg AG für Energie

Coordination and Contact: Dr. Ingo Leusbrock (AEE INTEC)

T: +43 3112 5886261
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Highlights and innovative elements:

  • Demonstrating the usability of absorption heat pumps on an industrial scale
  • Demonstrating different operation strategies of absorption heat pumps on an industrial scale based on energy tariffs, heat demand, available heat source etc.
  • Optimisation (technically and economically) of an existing DH line in combination with optimized client integration, additional waste heat potential and existing and new generation plants to be built

Implementation steps:

  • Construction of large-scale absorption heat pump (total 35 MW)
    • Increased exploitation of currently unusable low-temperature waste heat of a large-scale waste heat source
    • Lowering of return temperature of this connection from 65°C to approx. 40°C
    • Driving energy for AHP comes from the exhaust steam of a biomass CHP (to be built).
    • Planned heat generation > 150 GWh/a with thermal capacities of the components:
      • heat generation using biomass & large absorption heat pump approx. 35 MW (incl. waste heat)
      • thereof low-temperature waste heat utilisation max. 5 MW
      • more efficient large-scale heat pump operation of AustroCel Hallein; approx. 10 MW
      • Operating hours: 6000 – 8400 h
Key data:
Objective CO2 saving: 15.000 to 25.000 t/a
Investment cost € 20 - 25 Mio
Duration 2 Years