Waste heat utilisation spa Vienna


Waste heat utilisation spa Vienna


Wien Energie

Contact and contact person:

Dr. Rusbeh Rezania

T: 01 4004 74912
M: rusbeh.rezania@wienenergie.at
W: www.wienenergie.at

Project tasks and goals

  • The utilisation of waste heat from different sources represents an important building block for the decarbonisation of heating networks.
  • The main objective is to use the energy stored in the thermal water after it has been used internally by Therme Wien.
  • The recovered waste heat will be fed into an existing secondary district heating network in Vienna.

 Expected results

  • Use of the waste heat of the thermal water as a heat source to supply an existing district heating network section.
  • Implementation of a control algorithm with the aim of an efficient integration of the new generation unit into the existing district heating network.
  • Investigation of the most relevant boundary conditions for an efficient operation of the heat pumps used as well as the heat exchangers based on the properties of the heat source (chemical characterisation of the thermal water).
Key data:
Objective Use of waste heat from thermal water
Investment cost ~ 3.000.000 €
Duration 2020-2022