Virtual Tour of flagship project ThermaFLEX



The heat transition and decarbonization at the sites of our ThermaFLEX demonstrators are progressing rapidly. In addition to the technical development and integration of the corresponding flexibility elements and solutions, the project also emphasis on transparent communication with customers, end-users and the public.

This was particularly important to establish long-term sustainable cooperation and understanding, which we believe is necessary for a fast heat transition. A key aspect was the development of communication tools and methods for the integration and identification of relevant stakeholders as well as the active involvement of users and citizens. Our partners Barbara Hammerl and from StadtLabor as well as  and  from Green Tech Cluster, together with from , achieve great results.

In order to communicate this transformation in a target group-specific and fact-oriented way, we have created an interactive online brochure from our large-scale research project ThermaFLEX. According to the motto “convince people, don’t persuade them”, we want to use the “Virtual Tour” to awaken our enthusiasm for new technologies and system solutions and make their advantages available for the general public. Thanks to all the contributors to the design of the interactive brochure, especially  Radostina Reiter and .

We are very excited to see how you will like this format. Are you now interested? Click here to go to the tour or corresponding Linkedin-Post.