Informational event district heating expansion Leibnitz



On 12 October, an informational event for citizens took place in Leibnitz on the topic of district heating expansion in Leibnitz.

After the welcome and opening by the City of Leibnitz (Mayor Helmut Leitenberger and Astrid Holler) and a keynote speech on the topic of district heating (Joachim Kelz, AEE INTEC), a panel discussion took place. In the course of the panel discussion, the managing directors of the three heating network providers (Max Holler – Biowärme Leibnitz, Jakob Edler – Bioenergie Leibnitzerfeld, Markus Haselbacher – Haselbacher Nahwärme), the project management of ThermaFLEX (Joachim Kelz – AEE INTEC) and the city (BGM Leitenberger) discussed the heating strategy of Leibnitz. The event was moderated by Barabara Hammerl (Stadtlabor Graz).

Finally, questions and answers on the topic of district heating were given at various stations in an open exchange of information.