SOLID Solar Energy Systems GmbH

SOLID Solar Energy Systems GmbH is a solar technology company with Styrian roots that specialises in a wide range of applications for large-scale thermal solar systems. SOLID sells, plans, builds, delivers and installs large-scale solar systems worldwide for solar process heating and cooling, water heating, space heating, district heating feed-in and thermally driven cooling machines. […] more

Rabmer Greentech GmbH

Neben dem regionalen Schwerpunkt “Bau” sind wir seit fast 30 Jahren weltweit im Bereich Umwelttechnologie tätig. Mit der Rabmer GreenTech GmbH verbinden wir nun unser langjähriges internationales Vertriebs-Know-how und unser großes Kunden-Netzwerk mit innovativer und qualitativ hochwertiger österreichischer Umwelttechnologie. Der Schwerpunkt liegt insbesondere in den Bereichen Wasser, Abwasser, sowie erneuerbarer Energien. more

Schweiß Technik Meitz

The company STM Schweiß Technik Meitz was founded in 1998 and has years of experience in the field of designing and production of storage tanks, stainless steel hot water tanks and energy storage tanks. Another important business area is knowledge of welding for several kinds of material. Also welding trainings are provided for external welding […] more


Schneid GmbH are experienced in monitoring and control of Building management systems and DH components. Their sensor technologies and control methods will play an integral role in all of the demonstrators. The monitoring results will strengthen the company’s understanding of their technologies and current control strategies. more


ROTREAT Abwasserreinigung GmbH was founded in 1993 and currently employs 11 staff members. Rotreat focuses exclusively on the operation and further development of membrane systems. ROTREAT develops, produces and installs membrane technologies. The DT module technology (disc tube module), on which the RCDT technology is based, has been successfully used since 1985 as a membrane […] more


Pink GmbH has 4 areas of competence in its current structure: Storage technology:  Starting with intelligent storage, the centre of our thermal energy systems, we develop hydraulic and control concepts taking into account the special features of the technologies used. Solar systems:  For years we have been developing our own products and innovative solutions for […] more


HORN CONSULT is an expert in CleanTech and Eco-Management Consultancy, in particular in Smart City developement, energy transition, energy efficiency, environmental technology and recycling. The current focus in ongoing projects is on Strategic momentum consultancy, Green marketing, Business development, System solutions, Cross branches, Investor relations, organization, coordination and communication services. Horn Consult is currently involved […] more


GREENoneTEC have worked extensively in the design of solar collectors for a number of national level projects. They will be able to support the integration of solar thermal energy in heating grids in line with the goals of Thermaflex with feasibility studies and business models. GREENoneTEC will in turn benefit from a strengthening of their […] more

Green Tech Cluster Styria

The Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH accelerates green innovations and green growth. 200 companies and research institutions of the cluster constitute one of the world’s highest entrepreneurial concentrations in this sector and represent a unique innovation hub. In the key strategic areas of Green Energy (integrated energy systems), Green Building (smart urban buildings) and Green […] more

Frigopol Kälteanlagen

Frigopol Kälteanlagen GmbH is an Austrian company with a long tradition based in Frauental / Western Styria and is known worldwide for its expertise in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Under the name Frigopol, refrigeration systems with the unique separating hood for various applications have been manufactured and sold for over 60 years. The performance […] more