Feistritzwerke STEWEAG


Feistritzwerke-STEWEAG-GmbH is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy supply. Feistritzwerke was established in the year 1905 by the municipality of Gleisdorf to provide Gleisdorf with electrical power. Therefore, a hydropower plant was erected at the river Feistritz at Stubenberg and a power supply line to Gleisdorf was build.

But not only Gleisdorf also a big part of Eastern Styria was provided with electrical power in the course of years and small energy providers were sold by Feistritzwerke. Nowadays Feistritzwerke are in terms of supply area the second largest distribution system operator of Styria with a grid length of about 4.700 km, about 51.000 customers and a grid area of 1.115 km².

In the year 2000, out of strategical reasons, a share of 27% of Feistritzwerke were sold to Energie Steiermark. The municipality of Gleisdorf via the Stadtwerke Gleisdorf GmbH still holds a share of 73% of Feistritzwerke-STEWEAG-GmbH. Since the year 2011 Feistritzwerke focuses on its role as distribution system operator and do not act as energy supplier any more, instead it offers various innovative services and solutions for its customers.
Ongoing investments ensure that customers will continue to receive an optimal power supply in the future. Feistritzwerke with its capable team, ready to work around the clock, is always concerned to meet the needs of its customers.