Pink GmbH has 4 areas of competence in its current structure:

  • Storage technology:  Starting with intelligent storage, the centre of our thermal energy systems, we develop hydraulic and control concepts taking into account the special features of the technologies used.
  • Solar systems:  For years we have been developing our own products and innovative solutions for the solar sector, supporting our partners in planning and supporting them during and after construction.
  • Cooling systems:  Since 2003 we have been developing and manufacturing thermally driven absorption chillers, which are verified on our own test bench. At the same time, we develop further system technology components (e.g. recooling) and develop system solutions for thermally driven cooling systems.
  • Energy optimisation:  Pink develops comprehensive energy concepts to identify optimization potentials and to verify the efficiency of innovative energy solutions for your application. One focus within this area is the calculation and simulation of thermal energy networks. Since 2007, the Simplex simulation software has also been used in the “Energy Technology” operating area, enabling the calculation and optimization of heating networks. Originally, the software was developed between 2002 and 2007 during various research projects at the Institute of Thermal Engineering of the TU-Graz. With the software, local and district heating networks can be subjected to a comprehensive analysis with regard to both technical and economic aspects. Due to the continuous further development of the software, it is now possible to solve a wide variety of problems in the design and operational optimisation of heating network projects.