The Stadtwerke Gleisdorf GmbH Stadtwerke Gleisdorf were established in 2000. The company’s goals are to provide the City of Gleisdorf with environmentally friendly heat, high quality water and sustainable waste management. At present the company has 21 employees. In 2012 the Stadtwerke started to erect the “Solare Biowärme Gleisdorf” to decrease the share of fossil fuels of the urban heat supply and to focus on local energy stocks of the region (biomass, solar energy, …). The primary supply for the local heating network is covered by the central heating system with two wooden chip boilers. The boilers are supported by solar thermal collector field, which is set on the roof of the thermal power plant. The heating network in the center of Gleisdorf is being extended continually. Objects which are currently heated with gas are being connected gradually to the network. Existing gas boilers were kept for peak load management and backup and were integrated into the network if necessary. According to the network extension additional solar thermal collector fields have been built on roofs and integrated to the network as well. At the moment the overall collector area situated on three sites is 1,000 m².