More flexibility and more renewables in grid-connected heat supply

Mehr Flexibilität und mehr Erneuerbare in der netzgebundenen Wärmeversorgung_NachhaltigeTechnologien_042018

In 2016, Austria's space heating requirement amounted to approx. 87 TWh/a (total energy requirement: 311 TWh/a)1. A quarter of this is provided by grid-connected heat supply through more than 2000 district heating systems. Thus, the local and district heating sector already plays a central role in Austria's energy supply. Due to the already installed infrastructure (approx. 5,400 km pipe length2), the existing expansion potential, especially in dense urban areas, the use of new concepts, technologies and renewable energy sources, the use of possibilities for sector coupling and the resulting contributions to the decarbonisation of our energy system, the sector will become increasingly important in the future.

Veröffentlicht am 17.12.2019