Stadtwerke Gleisdorf with first measures in the ThermaFLEX project: Cascading heat utilisation for new district heating customers



The excavators are rolling! As part of the Virtual Heating Plant Gleisdorf demonstrator, Stadtwerke Gleisdorf is beginning to implement initial measures to increase system efficiency and reduce return temperatures. In the case of a new connection to the district heating network located directly on the main pipe, cascading heat utilisation is implemented. This means that the customer is supplied from the return pipe in order to use the still warm return flow of other heat customers again. This results in better cooling of the district heating return flow, which has many advantages (higher transport capacity, increased efficiency of the grid and the solar systems, increased storage capacity, reduction in pump power requirements).

This connection variant is the first of several planned implementations and will also be carried out for other properties in Gleisdorf in the future. Efficiency and added value will be monitored by means of monitoring measures in the ThermaFLEX project. Thus a further piece of the puzzle has been laid for a flexible, intelligent and sustainable heating network in the city of Gleisdorf.