ThermaFLEX Workshop at ISEC



At ISEC 2022 you meet more than 300 participants from 40 countries, you listen to 7 keynote speakers and 80 high-level oral presentations, you see 100 poster presentations and you choose from 4 workshops. You will find all information about ISEC 2022 on the conference website (here).

One of the workshops is titled “More flexibility in district heating” and we present lessons from the ThermaFLEX flagship project.

Workshop information:

District heating is one of the cornerstones of our energy transition. Yet, to accelerate the implementation of / modernization to flexible and sustainable district heating systems, research and demonstration are needed for flexibility measures such as thermal storage, heat pumps, smart control, sector coupling with electricity and wastewater infrastructure in combination with an increased share of renewable heat and holistic system and planning approaches. Within Thermaflex, these research needs were addressed on a base of more than 10 demonstrators, which provide the background for developing, implementing and optimizing innovative district heating concepts and technical solutions.

Source: Klimafonds/Krobath

In this workshop, we provided insights into the implementation steps, showed results from the operational phase of the demonstrators and put the findings and conclusions from our project into the wider discussion. Program (here) and details for the workshop are available here.

Workshop review:

The workshop was well attended with a dynamic and interested audience. Also, a time for Q&A was reserved for asking the presenters about their work, among them Joachim Kelz and Michael Salzmann from AEE INTEC, and Ingo Leusbrock as moderator.

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